Dale Instruments Services Limited provides expertise advice and support in the field of power quality studies. We provide onsite consultancy for any type of power quality related problem. Using state of art high end power quality monitoring systems we can carry out power quality studies to record, analyse and to generate reports, identifying root cause of power failures or nuisance tripping . Mitigating hardware can also be designed, supplied and installed to eradicate ongoing power quality related issues.

Power Quality Study

Perfect power quality is achieved when the voltage is nominal (ie 230V +10% / -6% in the UK) and the mains waveform is a perfect sinewave. There are no interruptions, voltage dips or momentary high voltages. If this isn’t the case then your business could face some of the following problems:

  • Equipment failures
  • Short equipment life cycle
  • Process failures
  • Overheating cables

Our experienced engineers can conduct Power Quality Studies to determine the extent of your problem, and advise on the correct actions to take based on our power quality study.

Load Profiling

Expansion of site or new machinery can lead to an increased load on you electrical supply. DALE instruments can conduct surveys to establish free available capacity from your supply.

With over 20 years of experience we have helped clients in various segments identify actual site usage and avoid additional purchase of capacity (KVA), which often result in new and bigger supply cables and high infrastructure cost.

Dale Instruments can visit your site and install Load Profiling energy loggers for Energy Monitoring.

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In the last 10 years we have carried out power quality studies in various market segments and clients.