Our clients have interest in establishing site usage, maximum demand and power factor. Energy consumption measurements are carried out to better understand amount of KWHr used on a site/equipment or process. This can be used for financial audits and cost analysis.

Maximum demand is your negotiated capacity for your site. If your site is in the process of expansion, new machinery or increased production then we can carry out maximum demand surveys for you. With over 20 years of experience we have helped clients in various segments identify actual site usage and avoid additional purchase of capacity (KVA) FROM Utilities, which often result in new and bigger supply cables and high infrastructure cost. Dale Instruments can visit your site and install energy loggers for monitoring for a full operation week. The captured data will show maximum demand and simple deduction from the negotiated demand can confirm free capacity. Making it sometime unnecessary to purchase more demand from the utility supplier, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Our clients include schools, Data centres, hospitals, Universities, and general manufacturing industrial sites.

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Power Factor Correction

Do you have reactive power charges on your electricity bill? Our load profiling survey over duration of 1 full operational week will also give the power factor profile. If after analysis of the captured data a power factor is highlighted, then this information together with your utility bill and site operational data will allow us to work with you to design and install power factor correction equipment. Depending on captured Harmonics (see Power quality section) and THD levels will ascertain if standard or detuned power factor correction equipment is required.  We provide full transparent cost for the PFC equipment and payback calculations.

Energy validation surveys

If you site is considering or have installed hardware technologies to reduce electrical energy costs please contact us to work with you and equipment supplier to provide independent energy consumption /reduction data.

We have vast experience working for clients making assessment of power factor correction, voltage optimisation and General energy projects.

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